One month… almost

I planned a whole blog on my favorite author. Instead of writing it, I got sick. Thankfully, this wonderful author I know is celebrating her one month anniversary of her first book. Celebrate her success with me. I promise I’ll tell you who my favorite author is once my brain is no longer full of cotton.

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

Saturday will mark the one month anniversary of the release of Dawning.

I’ve officially sold 3,000 copies. (that’s e-book and paperback). I’m not giving you numbers to flatter myself, (although I am VERY flattered by the wonderful support I’ve received). I’m giving you numbers because, when I first started one month ago, I wanted to know what normal numbers were, and no one could tell me. I’m not even sure there is any such thing. Any time a writer can write, and get any kind of income in return, even if it’s coffee money, then it’s a beautiful thing.

I have been on the Amazon best seller list for three weeks now, bouncing from about #25 to #45, depending on what kind of day I have had. It takes about 100 sales per day to stay in the 30’s on the historical romance list. (Hopefully that helps give some of…

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