Elevators and Ebooks – Guest post by David Burnett

David Burnett, I believe, speaks for many of us. I certainly enjoy the ease of having books on my eReader, and the small amount of space it takes up. I can’t give up my print books. I love the feel and texture of them. And like Mr. Burnett, working with non-fiction books (nursing books in my case) is difficult on an eReader. Here’s hoping we can continue to have both forms.

Words on the Page


Thanks so much to author David Burnett for stopping by and discussing the eBook vs print book war!

It was once said that elevators would replace stairs.

Why would they not? After all, elevators provide faster access than do stairs, are more efficient than are stairs, and cause less stress to the human body than do stairs. Why would one choose to tromp up a long flight of stairs instead of stepping into an elevator and being whisked away to one’s destination?

Of course, it didn’t happen. We have elevators, we have stairs, and we have escalators –moving stairs. They co-exist, each serving the same purpose, that of moving people and things from one floor, one level, to another.

We have all read the speculation that eReaders – Kindles, and Nooks, and iPads – will ultimately replace books. Indeed, sales of eReaders soared while bookstores closed.

The writer who reported…

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