Timelines Giving You Fits?

Fabulous idea! I always struggle with timelines, and keeping things straight. Will try this out after I get home from work!

S.K. Nicholls

timeline image

If you write, or are even thinking about writing, you NEED this!  It is brilliant and it’s FREE!

If you struggle with timelines and need to know birthdays and ages, and ages at specific events in time, this is the program for you!

My new friend Vicki Thompson, from across the pond…yes the one who got me connected with the Scrivener courses at the perfect moment in time, has just done it again.

It comes to us via Wendy Clarke, and her exceptionally clever “new” husband (a keeper for sure).

It is called Wendy’s Story Timeline and it is available here, where you can also see the simple instructions.  No more scribbling out timelines that span five pages.  You can also see events in one character’s life relative to events in another’s at a glance.  No more marrying off your character at the age of eight! …

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2 thoughts on “Timelines Giving You Fits?

  1. Thank you for the reblog and thanks to Wendy and Mr. Wendy, also. I am already playing with this and it helped me discover an error in AN ALREADY PUBLISHED piece of material. No worries, it is easily corrected with a text upload, but whew! That could have been disastrous.

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