Haven’t you heard? It’s a battle of words.

Some ideas to ponder. What is smoke and what is mirrors in the battle for ebooks – Indies vs. Traditional Publishers.


At this very moment I fear that the majority of self-published authors are getting ready to fight the wrong battle, and thereby lose the war.

Over the past week a traditionally published author tweeted a link to a self-published erotic e-book that featured themes that many would consider objectionable.  After that a website published an article that complained about similar self-published works being available on a major e-book retailers.  And after that, major e-book retailers pulled many self-published works, some of which were erotica, and some of which were not.

The narrative that we are supposed to believe is that a fundamentalist group has put pressure on retailers to remove books.  We are supposed to react with anger and outrage and demand our rights and to stand shoulder to shoulder with other self-published authors, no matter what they choose to publish.

I’ve got this problem–I’m no good at doing what…

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