Creative Me vs. Rational Me

I’m struggling right now. The on going war between the Creative Me and the Rational Me recently reached atomic bomb proportions.

Creative Me is pulling me to quit my job and run barefoot through the green grass (well, right now, piles of snow!). I want to ditch my scrubs for long flowing skirts and dresses, wear fun jewelry and put dreadlocks in my hair. I want to lose myself for hours in a museum, a book and (most pressingly) my own writing. The urge to create bubbles to the surface and my fingers itch to plant flowers, knit a snood or play the piano. Frustration consumes me as I try to cram some kind of creativity into the limited free time I have during the day.

Currently, Rational Me is winning out, basically because it’s my job right now. I work as a school nurse. I do nurse type things for 8 hours 5 days a week. I read about disease trends, treat students, write notes, study up on new advancements and learn the ever changing laws here in New York State (trust me, they are too numerous to count!).

Soon Rational Me will take up the bulk of my free time as well. Many states require nurses to hold a Bachelors in Nursing in order to continue practicing. There rumblings of a similar here in NYS grow daily. I will start for my own Bachelors in a few months. (Another frustration, I already hold a Bachelors degree in Biology. Apparently, that is not good enough to either keep my license or to pursue higher education in nursing.)

Nursing also requires creativity (inventing ways to encourage my patients to follow doctor’s orders, finding fun ways to educate students, and doing my best to be tactful when speaking with difficult parents), but not enough to keep Creative Me happy.

Merging the two sides of me can be done, but it is hard. Both sides want to be in charge, to make decisions and control my future. When I look into my past, I can tell which side of me has been in charge at certain points in time. Thankfully, neither of them caused my life spiral out of control.

In my present situation I need to be careful. The Rational Me is all too happy to be ruling over Creative Me. If I’m not watchful, Creative Me will stage a coup and I’ll wake up one morning to find myself covered in tattoos, living in a cave. (Not that I wouldn’t mind living like that, but then Rational Me would be miserable.)


Top Ten No Nos is as Top Ten No Nos Does

Perfect timing as I have a couple of reviews to write on books I recently finished!

Fiction Favorites

Here is the 34th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.

Top Ten Things Not to Do When Writing a Book Review on Amazon or Anywhere Else


10.  When writing a book review, do not provide a five-page synopsis of the book before you even start your review.  If you do, at best, readers will just skip the synopsis and your efforts will be wasted.  At worst, readers will confuse the synopsis for your own work, tweet and blog about the review, causing it to go viral and guaranteeing a negative reaction by the author.

9.  When writing a book review, do not simply say, “I liked the book.  It was really good.”  Readers want to know…

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1st Birthday Sale for Beginning of a Hero! Free for 3 Days!

Book sale! Great book on sale! Check it out.

Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

On February 24th, Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero will be 1 year old.  To celebrate, I’ve done the following:



And don’t forget the rest of the series!!  Click on the cover art to go to the Amazon site!!

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Cover by Jason Pedersen Cover by Jason Pedersen

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Yet Another Valentine’s Day Sale

Book sale! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

Tired of romance authors running sales for Valentines Day. Well, so am I! Darn them, taking every marketing advantage like that. Someone should tie them up with duct tape and lock them in a closet.

BTW “Dawning” is on sale for .99. Get it while supplies last. (Funny how e-books could run out… But hey, you never know. So you better get your copy now).

Dawning by Olivia Stocum

And just to get you in the right sappy mood for yet another romance novel…

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8 Acts Of Chivalry To Bring Back

Not that this has anything to do with writing. Although, the list does contain several items my male characters strive to do. (ps – My husband has agreed to wear a top hat and tails one day for me!)

James Michael Sama

The more women I talk to, the more I realize that the gentleman is a rare breed. The mission of the New Chivalry Movement is to bring men (and women) together who strive to be the best versions of themselves and love and respect those around them.

As the gentleman has become less prominent, so have the respectful acts that define him.

Here are 8 acts of chivalry we often overlook and should work to bring back.


Giving up your seat.

Whether on a bus or on a crowded subway, giving up your seat to another is a rare but great sign of respect. I always cringe a bit when I see a woman or elderly person forced to stand while young men remain distracted by their phones. It all comes down to being aware of your surroundings and acting accordingly.

Only one in seven men will offer their seat…

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Moonstone: my journey, part one

Post Novel Depression! It’s a real issue. Check out The Claymore and Surcoat to see how this author deals with it.

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

Click on the link to learn something new about my book. I am going to be doing a series of posts on my journey in writing this novel. It’s mostly for my own good. I’m dealing with what I can only term as post novel depression. Coupled with a little post traumatic stress syndrome brought on by my heroine and her horrific experiences. Since I deal with life through writing. I guess I will just have to write my way through these feelings I’m having.

Hugs, Olivia

Scotland 1607 After her parents are murdered English noblewoman, Rhiannon Hanover, becomes a spoil of war. She vows that she will trust no man. Until William MacAlastair challenges her captor for her life, and Rhiannon for her love . . . William never could resist a damsel in distress, but Rhiannon is no ordinary woman, and when he comes to her rescue, he…

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