Top Ten Things Not to Do When Getting a Negative Review

I’ve been seeing a couple of different blogs touching on reader/writer wars over reviews. Check this top ten out on what not to do in response to those bad reviewers. Maybe it will help you keep your sanity.

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Here is the 36th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.

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Top Ten Things Not to Do If Your Book Gets a Negative Review

10.  If your book gets a negative review, do not read the review, especially if the rating is one star.  At best, the reviewer will admit the review is based on having read only a couple of pages of your book and you can chide yourself for even bothering to read one word of the review.  At worst, you will read the review so many times  you can quote it by heart, begin to believe it, and eventually get one star tattooed on your back to atone for imagined errors in your…

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Things Not to Do When Getting a Negative Review

    • So, I went back to find the post regarding the wars. Did you think I could find any? Just one. Always seems to be that way. I know I’ve read more and I’ve heard complaints from other authors on FB. Here’s a link to the one post I could find.
      I also try to check out reviews and see why people are giving low stars, sometimes you can find the wars there as well – goodreads, Amazon…

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