The Author Delusion: Your Book is FREE!

Pirating books! Stealing is stealing, no matter how you do it.

S.K. Nicholls

Piracy-150x150 I am pounding away at my WIP. I would like to put another book out there at some point.

As an independent author, I am reminded of garage bands in the sixties through the eighties, strumming and banging away…hoping to be that next great band.

That was all before internet.

That was before you could download any song out there on your computer.

Musicians went through an angry phase, where they seriously resented the pirating and file sharing of music. There were lawsuits all over the place. Napster, developed by John and Shawn Fanning, released initially in 1999, in particular, became the target of a serious lawsuit.  The downloading of MP3s was credited for ushering in the downfall of the album era. The bottom line is: NO royalties were ever paid the artists.

Along with the accusations that Napster was hurting the sales of the record industry, there were those…

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2 thoughts on “The Author Delusion: Your Book is FREE!

  1. I just don’t think people see it as stealing. I believe it also goes along with the American idea of “getting a great deal”. It’s never, “I pain x amount for this”, but “I saved this much money.” I remember my brother-in-law (who teaches high schoolers) telling me how shocked his students were when he refused to download music for free. And their difficulty wrapping their minds around the concept that getting free music is the same as stealing. In their minds, it’s on the internet so it should be free.

    Thankfully, I don’t write to make money. I write because I have to. I share because I want others to enjoy. I do feel bad for those authors who try to make their living through writing.

    Your welcome for the reblog.

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