The Stars in the Sky (Starlight Book Release)

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

Today is the day!

After my whole family spent a week eating cereal for dinner and the laundry piled up, it’s finally the big day! My Highland books are always the hardest for me because I tend to get REALLY emotionally involved. Can’t help it. It’s SCOTLAND. I’ve dreamed about writing these novels since the first grade.

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Without further ado:

Starlight on Amazon.

Scotland 1608Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00023]Darcy looked at Graham for the first time in months, and realized that her memory had not done him justice. He was gold and bronze, perfect like a statue. His eyes were ice blue. They were eyes that could pierce a man’s resolve, and probably had many times. But not now. Now they…

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Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

Hey everyone. I hope you had a great Fourth of July. Same to you not in the US, even if it isn’t a holiday for you, I hope you still got some fun in there somewhere. We lit a huge bonfire in the back yard (after pulling a bunch of stuff we didn’t need out of our shed and breaking it into pieces to burn), had s’mores, and scared poor Steele by setting off jumping jacks in the driveway. Our Great Dane (Steele) is four months now and stands up to my hip. He was convinced the firecrackers where the enemy and planted himself between the children and the driveway, refusing to budge. He was proud of himself for protecting them. (And didn’t we all know it!)
I wanted to announce that the release date for Starlight, the third book in my Highland series, is July 21. I will be…

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At Long Last… We have Arrived

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

England, 1192

She should be damned for what she had done. She likely would yet. Fantasizing about one’s new sword master was no doubt a sin of the flesh. Especially when one was engaged to another man…

Lady Alana’s family is in debt, and her brother’s fate hangs in the balance. Alana agrees to marry the Duke of Besville. In exchange for her freedom, all debts will be paid.

When Lord John of Ravenmore agrees to train the strong-willed Alana of Berkley in the art of the sword, he has no idea what he is getting into. She is betrothed to one of the most powerful men in England. But that will not stop his heart. To him, she is worth more than gold, and he will keep her.

No matter the cost…

Now Available on Kindle. Paperback soon to follow:


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Pinterest and some backscratching, anyone?

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

As I growl my way through learning to use Photoshop, I find I’m actually starting to enjoy it. Less headaches this last week, and more smiles, as I  start to accomplish something I can feel proud of.


Lately, I’ve noticed that Pinterest has had more activity for me than Facebook and Twitter, so I’ve been pouring more energy into it. Click below to go to my Pinterest page. If you want to follow me, leave me a message here on my blog so that I can be sure to return the favor by following your boards as well!


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Realm Makers:2015 It’s GO Time

Hoping it works out for me to go this year!

Faith & Fantasy Alliance

Horse_Race_Starting_Gate_(14304242538)Yes folks, the day has arrived. We’re ready for you all to register, tell friends to register, and squee to anyone who will listen that you registered. You’ll find the official page to go through the registration process


If you haven’t visited our main site for conference information, please stop by to get all the particulars on the conference. You’ll find session descriptions, faculty bios, and more on the site.

The burning question I know people are going to start to ask is: “What about housing and food? I don’t see that included on the registration form.”

The University of Missouri St Louis, our venue, handles conference housing on their own without us acting as a middle man. If you want to stay on the college campus during the conference, you’ll need to visit our housing page on the conference site and follow the instructions there. You’ll find…

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The Romance Novel in Polite Society

Thoughts, opinions? All men need respect, especially from their Love Match. It’s not hard to give it to them and it doesn’t make us less.

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

What is the place of the romance novel in ‘polite’ society? I know this question has been addressed before, by people far more articulate than I, but this is MY story, my view, my experience… for what it’s worth.

I’ve been told most of my life that romance novels, even the clean ones, are nothing but trouble, setting unrealistic expectations and destining you for disaster. If that’s true, then why is it that at the height of my ‘trash’ romance reading days I was actually quite happy with my real life Love-Match, and much more accepting of his need to be, well, a guy, in ways that our culture tends to put males down. (I, for reasons of not causing a Sister to stumble, have toned down my personal reading list since then, but I still love the genre as a whole—obviously, or I wouldn’t write them!)

So explain why…

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“The First 500” Scholarship Contest

Editing and keeping my fingers crossed!

Faith & Fantasy Alliance

Tosca Lee at Realm Makers 2014Thanks to the generous contribution of Tosca Lee, the keynote speaker for the 2014 Realm makers conference, we are excited to announce the first of several scholarship opportunities available to prospective Realm Makers:2015 attendees. Are you dying to come to the conference in August, but sure financial circumstances in your life will prevent you from affording registration and housing? Then this scholarship opportunity might just be your chance.

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These Are Not Rules of Fantasy

I’ve had a few of these things said to me in both the fantasy and sci-fi stories I’ve been working on.

Legends of Windemere

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A big headache for genre writing is that nearly every reader has their own set of rules about how that genre should work.  They have their favorite authors and all others get compared to those ‘elite’.  Any deviation is met with disagreement or outright rage because god forbid you have two fantasy authors who take different approaches to the genre.  So I’m going to have a little fun here and go over a few rules that have been hurled my way over the years:

  1. YOU HAVE TO KILL CHARACTERS–  No I don’t.  Just because you have a disturbing blood lust doesn’t mean I have to give you a body count.  We can’t all write ‘Game of Thrones’, which is actually a rarity in terms of death.  8 of the 9 Fellowship members survived Lord of the Rings.  Drizzt is still kicking around since the 1980’s.  Conan…

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Books for the Book Review Challenge

Ever want to leave a book review, either good or bad, but feel unsure on what to write. Check out the Book Review Challenge! Coming soon Rosie Amber will provide advice just for book reviews.

Rosie Amber

2012_0622 rose for rosie  wordpressBook Review Challenge



Books are rolling in for this book review challenge. It’s open to anyone and everyone, not just readers. Are you an author? What can you give back to others who read your books? Ever heard of “What you give out you get back ten-fold?” Take action today.

From July 1st 3 e-copies of the following books will be available FREE for you to choose to read. All we ask is for you to read just 1 and write a review which will then be posted here and other sites where possible. Starting next week on Wednesday 25th June we’ll be posting a series on book reviews to help…

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